Wardrobe Necessities: Skinny Jeans

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Skinny jeans are the fashion rebels, paying no attention to the passing seasons or trends, or body sizes. They are always in vogue and have come to stay. And they can look great on everyone.


There’s nothing more convenient that a piece of clothing that always comes in handy.

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Skinny jeans are a versatile instrument, easy to wear ,ready to go look dat it gives,nd u can rock it on so many things

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We had a short chat with Nigerian model Kitae, she tells the reason why skinny jeans are a must have for her.


Tell us how much you love your skinnies.
looove them,you can transfer your look in jeans to any look you wanna create,from casual to some serious hip look,they are items I must travel with

How often do you wear it?
Hhehehehehehehee,honestly,once a week, to movies or hanging out with friends. I’m allowed to wear them to work on fridays ,so yeah

When its not sitting in your wardrobe, how do you wear it?
Blazers,tanks,crop,polo shirts nd flats polo tshirts

Where do you buy your skinny jeans from?
I buy from max and mango.

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Haay, The men aren’t left out on this either. Y’all know how you do it ;)

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For the fabulously curvy girls, you guys rock it the best!


skinny mums

Gone are the days when mothers might have dressed in blouses and wrappers or bogus unfit gowns its now all sexy and chic!



Getting skinnies are easier than ABC as easy as and once you learn to style it, things get fun, spicy and interesting.


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Choose from a range of fashion items, scarfs, tees, and statement pieces and get to rocking your skinny jeans.

Don’t just have it, own it!