Weekend Mashup No. 04

Our occasional Friday collection of awesome things we find while stalking everyone on the Internet.


Mashed Up while dreaming of summer vacation. Morocco? Zanzibar? Greece? Still deciding.

First of all, your pictorial guide to the vocabulary of fashion. More like, your cheat sheet.


This might come in handy, you never know.

That’s not all, here’s everything.

Edun x J.Crew


J.Crew has a thing for collaborations. Last year they partnered with Bantu Wax to create a swimwear collection, this year, it’s EDUN‘s turn. The creative director, Danielle Sherman is working with the J.Crew team to create exclusive made-in-Kenya designs; “Clothes that people really love and want to wear“.  The founders of EDUN, U2 rocker Bono and his wife, Ali Hewson are looking to reach out to the next generation, which aligns with their primary aim: To promote trade and create jobs in Africa. Don’t get too excited, the collection is for kids.

Buzz Kill. But there’s more.

African Designers At São Paulo Fashion Week

Afro-Brasil-Museum-in-São-Paulo-Andy-Okoroafo-africans-show-fashion-week-designers-Palesa-Mokubung-Maki-Oh-Jamil-Walji-Xuly Bët-Imane-Ayissi

On 17th April, five designers from across Africa converged at the Afro Brasil Museum in São Paulo to exhibit their works as part of a grand project bringing contemporary African art to Brazil. With the intention of overthrowing the preconceived concepts of fashion on the continent, the organization chose the Nigerian creative director Andy Okoroafor to curate the show. To promote this dialogue, the director sought names that have taken innovative paths… “It will be good for Brazil and Africa as well.

The designers:  Palesa Mokubung (South Africa); Amaka “Maki” Osakwe (Nigéria); Jamil Walji (Kenya); Xuly Bët (Mali); Imane Ayissi (Cameroon).

The Story. | PhotoCred: GettyImages

The Stranger S/S Editorial


Stranger takes on the most eccentric approach to fashion and retail while maintaining the status of being exclusive and distinct. The concept store, based in Lagos, created an editorial (Mythopoesis) in collaboration with two young artists – Adeju Thompson and Tunde Alara – to develop characters and environments with which to transport their models and the clothing they were wearing to something that transcends the every day. This was done for the clothing they are stocking this season, from the designers: Peir Wu, U.Mi-1, and Iamisigo.

“The capacity for human beings to tell stories and imbue mundane or unusual events with greater agency through the use of narrative and myth is something that we believe has a lot of power.” – Stranger

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Pallette by Josef Adamu


With special thanks to the artist, Ojo Agi, this editorial depicts a strong collaboration consisting of warm colours, scattered emotions and a hint of old school vibes.

Full spread.

Dalston Anatomy.

It has nothing to do with Grey’s.

Dalston Anatomy is the second edition of a book by Lorenzo Vituri,  whose work is often found at the intersection of sculpture and photography. The book is bound in exquisite Vlisco fabrics in bright patterns that are reminiscent of African markets and accompanied by a poem by Sam Berkson that layers voices from the market to draw on its disjointed and surreal atmosphere.

It’s out of stock, but a preview is available for your perusal.

The Jazz Mules By Mosaique


In 2013, MO SAÏQUE collaborated with Anitah Quansah to unveil a rad collection of shoes at Lagos Fashion and Design Week which put them on our radar. Their latest pair of heels features hand carved and painted heels by Wood n Things. ‘Wood n Things’ is a furniture company that has previously worked with Ghanaian designer, Christie Brown. Generally, they create items for your living space to give that African feel you desire.

Brogues by House of Cinnamon

house-of-cinnamon-made-hand-in-south-africa-brogues-weekend-mashup-black-fabulousity If it’s made in Africa and looks great, then it’s got our attention. These brogues are locally handmade by House of Cinnamon in South Africa.

Delivery? Everywhere. Want one? Find it Here.

Wine Tasting Meets Awesomeness


We found a new Instagram account to stalk this weekend. The handle is @twomacks , the name: Whitney. The series of photos shot for the New Orleans wine tasting of Veuve Cliquot is kind of the coolest wine ‘campaign’ (If we can call it that) we’ve seen all year.

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Finally, four months (or maybe four weeks) worth of wallpaper and lock screen combinations for all you artsy folks, and It’s all here.

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