File This One Under Confused-Weather Outfit Ideas

There’s almost nothing that pains more than planning to rock your best shades and then as soon as you’re out, the weather gets cloudy. The same thing goes for outfits, you’re either dressing light to accommodate the heat or you’re covering up for rainy days. But when the weather decides to change midday, your perfectly thought-out outfit just might fail you.

On that note, let’s direct the spotlight to


They are great for those times when you don’t know what the weather will be like or if you get stuck in a ridiculously cold air-conditioned office. When you get warm, you can always throw it over your shoulders and tie around your neck, and if you’re chilly, you can put it back on.

Sure, no one wants to wear something pretty and have to cover it up, so I wouldn’t suggest that. Let’s look at it like this:

The jumper should complete/compliment your outfit: The point is to be able to switch up when you want to, so the jumper should be as chic as whatever blouse or top you have under. Though most jumpers can be worn alone, it’s safer to have something beneath for when the weather gets hotter.

A light one is always the right one (2 birds, 1 stone): Like every other thing, the thickness of jumpers vary, some are made for winter while others are pretty suitable for spring. A light one that’s stylish and keeps you warm would be the perfect pick.



There’s no such thing as ‘they don’t match’:  Jumpers go with everything and can be worn anywhere. Try them, you’ll see.


Fisayo. Again. Nailing it in 3 looks.


A good suggestion is to get yours in a light cashmere. If you can’t afford cashmere, a great cotton does the trick! Whether cotton or cashmere, a good-quality piece should last a very long time.



Jumpers, Sweaters, What’s The Difference?

Honestly, It’s a bit dicey because fashion has given a whole new meaning to jumpers, but here’s what to note:  

A jumper is never open in front and has to be pulled down your head to wear it, a sweater on the other hand can be zipped, or even buttoned.

A sweater is mostly made from wool, whereas a jumper is made of cotton fabric most of the time. All the long story here



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