When It Comes To Looking Good, This Writer Gets It

If there’s one thing writers are known for, it’s writing, rarely style and hardly fashion. We often talk about their new book, what they write, how they write, but rarely does discussing what they look like come up. So when I first met the image of a big haired woman in an orange jumpsuit looking every bit like a millionaire magazine editor, chances are I never would have guessed she was an award winning novelist.
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I mix my Nigerian mother’s love of color with my own experience of growing up on the east coast… I love heels, but Rome’s cobblestones have taught me a grudging love of flats.
 Asides being the author of Ghana Must Go, the best-selling globe-spanning saga of a modern dysfunctional family, Taiye Selasi, is warm,  ironic, loquacious, with a poetic manner of speaking and a frank outlook on love. She talks Hermione Eyre of Net-A-Porter’s ‘The Edit’ through her adventures, from quitting her doctorate to travelling the world.
 The Interview on Net-A-Porter
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Image Credits: TedElle