Weekend Mashup No. 06

The Weekend Mashup is an occasional roundup of awesome things we find while stalking everyone on the Internet. Or simply put: A Collection Of stories and exciting news on African creativity.


Mashed Up because it’s been a while.


Let’s tell you about Bialere


It’s an Igbo phrase that means ‘Come and See‘. It’s also the name of Yagazie Emezi‘s digital project which she set up as a platform to locate and showcase the works and point of view of young/ upcoming photographers. Bialere is part of a concerted effort to encourage the creative arts movement within Africa and the diaspora. The goal, she says, is to illuminate new and different perspectives on the continent by providing young Africans with spaces to tell their own stories, support their creative entrepreneurs, and view themselves through their own lenses.

For your visual pleasure, scroll through @Bialere on Instagram. But before that, here’s a link to the site.


It just got here, and already…


We heard Bialere would also be curating exhibitions, but we didn’t expect it so soon. The first one opens tomorrow and it’s dubbed “The Face As Text”, which positions the human face as a narrative, addressing the varying approaches taken by photographers to capture the faces of their subjects and the ways in which the viewer interprets and develops a narrative surrounding the image. Working with Cafe Neo and The OS Space, Bialere presents the works of four photogroahers; Logo Oluwamuyiwa , Lawrence Agyei, Yannis Davy and Noma Osula at Cafe Neo, Lagos.

It starts August 1st and runs till the 7th.


Half Current. A Kadara Enyeasi Exhibition


Coming up in August, Kadara Enyeasi takes the intangible element of mood as subject in an exhibition that seeks not to explain but to establish. Expressed in monochrome, he wants to let all the distractions out and allow for the images to work the senses of the viewer.

To take part, reach out to [email protected]. It holds at a Whitespace Lagos.


Pichulik x Design Afrika


It’s been almost two years since Pichulik’s last bag collaboration, but we think it’s been worth the wait. In a cross collaboration with Design Afrika and Dunoon Urban Weavers, Pichulik infuses her signature rope detailing into ‘Zwazwa bags‘ woven in the traditional Xhosa style and accessorized with turag tassels from Niger. Zwazwa, which means ‘to weave‘ in Isixhosa, is inspired by the art of weaving as a sacred metaphor for collaboration, story telling and ancient traditional hand skills.

By the way, they are all available for sale here.


Choolips x Sandstorm


This is what happened. Choolips -a fashion brand known for creating artisanal collections by applying ancient textile traditions and color, handed the remainders from their Ghanaian textile and garment production over to Sandstorm in Kenya. It was sort of a “You-have-creative-freedom, do-what-you-want” type of collaboration. The result? Beautifully crafted bags and backpacks with finishes and contrasts added using hand selected leather hides and brass fittings.

You know how this goes… shop it.


Things we’re excited about – Deola Sagoe’s next collection


You remember Deola’s previous collection, Wings, which had her pulling inspiration from her daughter’s class project based on moths, flies and butterflies? Well, another collection is said to be in the works. It’s something she mentioned in passing during the filming of the documentary “My Nigeria“. But as far as we know, it’s one that is quite close to her heart. ‘Komole Kandis’, she calls it, will unveil the ‘blue blood’ in, and speak to every woman at any level or phase of her life. It should be released sometime before the end of the year, stay tuned.


Everything Nice.


Nailed it‘ is what we’ll name this lookbook if we officially could. It’s one of those rare occasions when everything just looks right. Well, with Bubu Ogisi serving as creative director, it’s not too surprising. Before we miss the point, this is the lookbook for Needle Point resort 2015 collection.

Head over here for the full spread.


Mashup – A mainland book collective


This is a rather interesting collection of photography, poems and short stories by Nigerian writers and photographers. It was created by Mainland Book CafeCheck on it.


Step Into My Sole


Art is even more exciting when it is infused into other elements outside the four sides of a frame. Just look at these shoes created by Nigerian artist, Laolu Senbanjo. Not only is each pair hand painted, every section of each shoe also tells a story or a Yoruba proverb. And yes, it’s available for purchase. Deets.


Featured image illustration – @ClaireIdera