Weekend Mashup No.5

Feels like forever, but our occasional Friday collection of awesome things we find while stalking everyone on the internet is ready and set.

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Mashed up over meat pie.


Names On The Wall

William Okpo.

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A while ago, the design duo, Darlene and Lizzy Okpo launched their flagship store on South Street, New York. The store is designed to feel like home, reminiscent of the home grown influences that informed their brand, William Okpo. It’s a plus one for fashion from Africa, and also a big deal for their dad, William.

Women Taking Risks And Winning

Amy Sall.


When she quit Vogue, her plan was to chase passion. Now at 25, she’s the founder and Editor-in-chief of SUNU, a journal of African Affairs, Critical thought and aesthetic inspired by conversations and debates referencing images from an African context. While rounding up her master’s degree, she intends to delve more into human rights, and think about how African film and photography can start conversations about human rights.

Catch her brief interview on Refinery29

Constellation Africa, An Ethical Fashion Initiative


Four menswear designers from Africa would be flying to Florence, Italy this summer to present their Spring/Summer 2016 menswear collection at the ‘Constellation Africa‘ show as part of the 88th edition of Pitti Uomo which is scheduled for 18th of June 2015. This marks the EFI’s continued efforts to promote creativity from Africa and encourage the manufacturing of fashion garments and goods on the continent. Back to the designers, we’re talking about Orange Culture, Maxhosa by Laduma, Dent de Man, and Projecto Mental.

Studio of Modé Is On To Greater Things

Opening a gallery.

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Modé (Moh-day) Aderinoku, popularly known as Studio Of Modé, is a versatile artist whose illustrations have long been a subject of our obsession. Last year, she delved into comics by launching the series JAND, a bi-weekly webcomic about the lives of Nigerian university students living in the United Kingdom. Opening a gallery is an entirely different ball game, but she’s got the bulls by the horn. Combined with an art store, her space deviates from the customary look of galleries as she replaced the usual white with terra cotta walls, embracing west-Nigerian culture and serving as an ode to her Abeokuta roots. If you’re in Lagos this weekend, stop by at 4 Olumo Road, Parkview Estate in Ikoyi and don’t forget to say hello.

What to say when you see graffiti done on a canned drink


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BOS is a South African beverage brand that’s been in support of SA’s Art and design industry since 2010. Last year, they launched a Design-a-can competition which called to local creative thinkers to design a fresh new can for their limited edition Summer flavour. Inspired by 18th-century Ndebele murals, Ofentse Letebel, a Cape Town based multimedia designer and graffiti artist emerged as winner amongst over 700 applicants.


For the little ones

Petite Tribe.

african_creativity_fashion_art_news_blog_weekend_mashup_petitie_tribe (1) Nigerian entrepreneur, Olatoun Jolaoso takes inspiration from life travels and the Fulani tribe in Northern Nigeria for her label, Petite Tribe which she says is a fusion of African influence with European styling and design. Committed to giving back, the British based children’s clothing label gives 1% of its revenue to the Petit Tribe Foundation, an initiative set up to improve lives through education in Nigeria.

Ugo Mozie x Frank Wilder

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On the accessory scene, jeweller, Frank Wilder teamed up with stylist, Ugo Mozie to create The Eagle Collection which as the name suggests, is made up of eagle-inspired gold and silver bracelets, necklaces, and rings. The collection merges lost-wax casting with the latest 3D printing technology and draws on the many influences, inspirations and multi cultural experiences of both Mozie, who is a Nigerian, raised in LA and Houston and Wilder, who cites Pablo Picasso and the movie, Jaws as two of his inspirations for the collection. See more from the collection Here 

The Fabulous Dress Project

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Genius is when a soap company collaborates with a designer to create artistic handpainted pieces using edibles such as coffee, beetroot, mustard and tomato sauce as paint just to demonstrate that its product can protect the fibres and the fabulous of your most treasured garments.. Say what?

Celeste Arendse of S E L F I  is one talented woman.

Dubbed as #FabulousDressProject , the soap company, Skip was asking the question: Can a pure white dress stay perfectly fabulous, stain after stain, wash after wash? Well, using her artistic talents to create beautiful stain patterns on one of her Selfi dresses, Celeste Arendse and Aisha Baker of Baked the Blog worked together to find an answer.

Rog Walker’s ‘Black

Image by Rog Walker

The ghost of Instagram catches our eyes in a new series entitled ‘Black: an aesthetic analysis of tone‘, here he once again captures the essence of the creatives within his circle in his trademark unforced manner. The stark contrast between the dark skin and clothing of the subjects and the enveloping bright white backgrounds evoke socially conscious questions on race dynamics in the American society.

Currently Watching

Asa, EYO.

We’re still buzzing with excitement over Asa’s latest video, Eyo. Blending excellent cinematography and visuals with stunning outfits and Asa’s syrupy voice, Eyo ticks all the right boxes. We’re loving the IAMISIGO cape and the lovely, blue Tiffany Amber dress.

In Other News,

Entries For Elle Rising Star 2015 Is Officially Open. Just in case you didn’t know.

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