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I’m a paperback kind of girl. I enjoy reading print on paper and I love the smell of books. In fact, I will never understand how people enjoy reading Ebooks because let’s face it, nothing beats  curling up in your favorite spot with a book in your hand and being able to fold the top right corner of a page  when you want to take a break so you don’t forget where you left off.

Still, Okada Books is a good find and I’m glad to have stumbled on it.

  okada books google playstore app for african authors

Its an app on play store with over 7500 books in its library, 90% of which are completely free. The other 10% cost less than 1000Naira. From Chimamanda to the next African author you can think of, it’s all there. Well, almost all.

Okada books also gives Unpublished authors a platform to share their books and get reviews from users. Plus there’s an option to play books as voice notes, so you can listen rather than read… (not sure what I think about that) but it’s a good app, really.

I love that it caters mostly to people looking to indulge in African literature or who have an interest in African books, and  at mostly no charge.


First on my shelf is 12 years a slave.

Check it out, you’ll love it.

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