Mid-Week Inspiration: Ghubar Magazine’s Spring 2015 Issue

Ghubar magazine recently released its return issue which features the Nigerian model no one can stop talking about, Mayowa Nicholas. Skimming through the pages, we’re inspired,  not by clothes but by the words of the editor Sarah Diouf.  This issue highlights those who build, elevate, dream, and act, to serve as catalyst for change and a point of inspiration…

“Everyone is on a journey to find themselves, achieve their dreams and fulfill their destiny. I see people quitting their day job to follow their passion, freshly graduated students not worrying about unemployment, teenagers bedroom-brainstorming to launch their own business, I see women reinventing themselves past 50, some others being inspired and getting strength from online footages, and most important, I see -potential. Everywhere.”Sarah Diouf

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Emily Weiss

ghubar_magazine_spring_2015_nigerian_fashion_model_mayowa_nicholas_emily into the gloss

Turning a passion into a business must be one of the most fulfilling lifetime achievements. Emily hit that mark In four years, going from blogger to an unrelenting business woman, by reshaping the industry with her blog ‘Into The Gloss.‘ and the launch of her product line ‘Glossier‘.
Emily has understood that the power of the Internet lies with the people; by the people, for the people. The glossier brand worked according to comments shared on glossy along the past four years.


Micaela De Prince

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A saying that resonates with us “If success were easy, we’d all be millionaires” was the first thing that came up while reading Micaela’s story. A survivor of the Sierra Leonian civil war, she pursued a career in ballet despite encountering instances of racial discrimination. Now a worldwide celebrated ballerina, Micaela recently published her memoir to share her stories, experiences and inspire the next generation of dancers.
I’ve always wanted to let people know that it’s OK to dream and to live for something.


Mayowa Nicholas ghubar_magazine_spring_2015_nigerian_fashion_model_mayowa_nicholas_african (5)

The 16 year old Nigerian model who has all eyes in the fashion industry both global and local fixed on her  is on steady rise. As a young model from Nigeria, she has been a constant topic of discussion, and barely a year after her entry into modeling, Mayowa has stamped her footprint across the runway of designers like Balmain, Hermes, and Kenzo. “I practiced my walk and learned how to pose” she once said.

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Everyday is a battle, and everyone is on a hustle, and we are all more than ever armed to play this game now – only us – hold the cards.


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Credits: Ghubar