One Sunny Day In Lagos

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One Friday afternoon in January, we spontaneously decided to take a walk from Lekki to Ikoyi; via the bridge of course, we aren’t completely nutters.

Usually, tales of adventures in Lagos are filled with perilous encounters, particularly with the dreaded Area Boys; the self-appointed tax collectors and unofficial rulers of the roads who have turned Street-bullying into a common affair.

lagos-bloggers-ginikachi-eloka-explore-lekki-ikoyi-bridge-nigerian-print-ankara-batik-wax-jumpsuit-pants-fun-african-ani-uchechukwu (6)

To our surprise and chagrin, we realised our fidgeting was completely unnecessary. The Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge was like a portal between worlds. The scorching sun was directly proportional to the wind that whipped our faces and tossed our umbrella.

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lagos-bloggers-ginikachi-eloka-explore-lekki-ikoyi-bridge-nigerian-print-ankara-batik-wax-jumpsuit-pants-fun-african-ani-uchechukwu (5)

lagos-bloggers-ginikachi-eloka-explore-lekki-ikoyi-bridge-nigerian-print-ankara-batik-wax-jumpsuit-pants-fun-african-ani-uchechukwu (2)

lagos-bloggers-ginikachi-eloka-explore-lekki-ikoyi-bridge-nigerian-print-ankara-batik-wax-jumpsuit-pants-fun-african-ani-uchechukwu (1)

Amidst the laughs, we managed to catch our breaths enough to realise that we’d accomplished a safe, fun stroll on an afternoon in Lagos, taking pictures and enjoying the view of the water.

You probably wouldn’t get what is so remarkable or noteworthy about this except you’re used to typical Lagos streets, the harassment from Agberos and the ever-present threat of being robbed.

We are, so this was a nice change from the status quo. Lagosians don’t walk as much as they ought to, for the reasons highlighted above, but we will definitely be taking more walks regardless. Because, why not?

lagos-bloggers-ginikachi-eloka-explore-lekki-ikoyi-bridge-nigerian-print-ankara-batik-wax-jumpsuit-pants-fun-african-ani-uchechukwu (4)

lagos-bloggers-ginikachi-eloka-explore-lekki-ikoyi-bridge-nigerian-print-ankara-batik-wax-jumpsuit-pants-fun-african-ani-uchechukwu (3)


Photography by our very own Tunde K. Mason. Follow him on instagram @TheMaseFace

From the city of Lagos, we've teamed up for a journey of discoveries through a visually appealing curation of fashion art and photography.


  • Reply March 2, 2015


    Beautiful. You both look fabulous.

  • Reply March 2, 2015


    I love this and I love you guys
    It’s really hard to take a walk in Lagos though especially on the mainland but this seems really nice and the photos are very beautiful!

    • Reply March 2, 2015

      Ginikachi Eloka

      Heyy thank you! Lol my head is swelling ^_^

      It is, honestly. Between the aggressive pedestrians and mad drivers, hot air, messy roads, congestion, and the long list that follows, it’s pretty discouraging. But i bet there are places that are void of all these cons. Examples could be nice estates in sane residential areas, or places around Lekki, VGC or Ikeja GRA.

  • Reply March 9, 2015


    You should visit that sroute in the morings or late evening.. the jogging and walks by
    its actually quite secure.

  • Reply March 9, 2015


    by the way you guys look so good.x

  • Reply March 9, 2015


    I’ve heard a lot of stories about Lagos, glad you guys enjoyed your walk. You both look great rocking your ankara outfits. I love the pictures and the location.

    Princess Audu

  • Reply March 14, 2015


    The picture depicts you did have a lot of fun.

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