“Where Is ARISE?”

PhotoGrid_1403451770951Arise Fashion Magazine Editorials Covers shoots

I love  ARISE, the magazine and all that it embodies. Arise  showed me the beauty in fashion and photography and fueled my  desire to be a part of the African fashion society.

I loved the buzz that came with Arise fashion week. The glint of energy felt through every picture I perused on the internet each time I did a follow-up on Arise Magazine fashion week street style and runway show.

We the people who lived the experience through our screens, the designers, models, photographers and fashion enthusiasts, ARISE gave us something to look forward to. Fashion Week! and all the excitement in-between.


Then Arise fashion week 2013 was cancelled and they stopped having Issues and their blog updates seized and …silence.

PhotoGrid_1403451559366Tyra banks, Georgie Baddiel, Kerry Washington for Arise

The very valid question.

What happened to Arise?

“They seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth. My suspicions were first raised when I went to an African fashion event early this year in London where Helen Jennings was a panelist. She was introduced as the former editor of ARISE. My friend and I were suspicious about this title and wondered who had been appointed as the new editor of ARISE. However we brushed off the thought blaming the irregularity of the issue and assumed that when they come out with a new edition, we would find out who the new editor is.

However a few weeks ago, ARISE came into my mind and I decided to do the 360 search of their Twitter, Facebook, their website, basically anything Google could find. ARISE has been inactive since mid last year. What is going on?. . .”

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  • Reply June 25, 2014


    Hmmmn I hardly follow these guys.. That being said, they cover ah-mazing faces. I’m always always always inspired by your picks, so you know someone’s loving that you love what you do :D That’s why you find me pinning your posts on Pinterest :))


  • Reply June 27, 2014

    MsK_NY (@MsK_NY)

    ha, thanks for writing this I was wondering the same thing. I heard that they had financing issues. I don’t quite understand that nobody has picked-up yet as all their events and the magazine were so high quality and fashion forward.

    • Reply June 27, 2014

      black fabulousity

      That would make sense, they might have been incurring a lot of expenses, with Arise fashion week, paying models, transporting designers, e.t.c I really wish they’d try getting back up, with their focus and all, getting sponsors shouldn’t be a problem. But…one never knows

  • Reply July 1, 2014

    The Indie

    Seems like a cool outlet for fashion/culture. I had no idea of its existence before this post but it seems like its left a void in that arena as a resource for fashion lovers and creatives. Hopefully Arise will rise again lol. And that spread of Kerry’s looks bangin’, she is such a gorgeous woman in my opinion

  • Reply July 14, 2014


    I wonder what the issue might be. Thank you for raising this topic. If they shut Arise down then it’s a disappointment because those in Nigeria/Africa with a keen eye for fashion should realize that the world of fashion is moving very fast to Africa and this is not the time to quit. We need to have structures like Arise for the rest of the world to take us seriously. Africans need to be damn consistent!

  • Reply July 14, 2014


    oh yea!Arise! So true…where have they? Well they may stage a come back in the future- wouldnt be surprised. That mag had great content, editorials and fantastic photography

  • Reply November 17, 2014

    My Fashion S/ash Life

    I cant believe more people havnt asked this question on the Web, I’ve done the research and in the past 2 yrs, you are the only one I know who has asked. I find this shocking as to give Arise its due, it was the best fashion/beauty/lifestyle mag to come out of Nigeria. That being said, I worked for the mag and they totally shafted me when it came to fees. They never paid me and eventually some court case ensued (between the co. and all they owed too) and the company dissolved its publishing co. and started a new one. But I did get to see the list of hundreds they owed money to- and see me see trouble ooOO- they owed big bucks. Sadly, Arise was beautiful on the outside and ugly as sin on the inside. Ethically they were a disgrace and I for one am so happy the mag/co. folded. Supporting African fashion is not just doing cool shows and editorials, its about supporting the workers, paying them for the work they do, not cheating them, respecting their craft. I look forward to the next mag that rises from the ashes of Arise and learns from their mistakes!!

    • Reply May 12, 2016


      I LOVED Arise, and greatly miss it. I emailed them a couple years ago trying to find out what was going on, but no response. Thanks for sharing your experience, and as an independent creative freelancer, I completely understand the frustration of not getting paid, and that is poor form.

      If you have any other recommendations of publications of this nature that have risen since, I would be very interested to hear about them.

      • Reply September 11, 2016


        Wow. I was looking for them and came across this. I would recommend GLITZ magazine. I think its in London. Not as fashion forward as ARISE I have to admit, but certainly a good runner up!

        • Reply January 19, 2021


          Thanks, Anointed! Just saw this comment (still hunting around for Arise info) and appreciate this lead. Trying to figure how to get shipped to the US!